Campus Life

Campus Life


Other than just providing international-standard MBBS in Antigua, quality professors, and an environment of academic excellence, there are also several other facilities to make the student’s medical education experience worth remembering. WIMU campus and Hostels are equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities required to live a satisfactory college life and study in Antigua without any concern.

Modern Classrooms

Our classrooms have advanced teaching equipment, that can help both students and teachers to keep the curriculum interesting and interactive. The students are also given permission to record classroom activities. This serves as a great help to students in the latter days as it is an easy way to clear your doubts and revise what was taught in the class.


On the University Campus itself, we have a well-maintained, clean, and hygienic cafeteria. The canteen provides the students with a proper sitting arrangement and offers a place for the students to relax after a long day of hard work, have a chatter with friends while enjoying the nutritious and healthy food.


When it comes to hostel, we offer quite affordable accommodation and mess facilities. The mess and the hostel are well-furnished and equipped with all the amenities required for daily student life to make it more comfortable. We have a dedicated Hostel staff, that takes care of the cleaning and other administrative functions to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the students without any hassle.


To make sure that the students get all the academic resources they need within the University only, we have also established a library that can provide both offline as well as online medical books, journals, and related material to the students. Apart from textbooks from the curriculum, medical journals and magazines help the students get a better understanding of the subjects of their interests helps the students to increase their knowledge.


At WIMU, our advanced laboratories provide a platform to unleash students’ medical creativity and curiosity and drive the next innovation in the field of medicine. All the laboratories in the university are well-equipped and provide practical training to the students in an artificial environment such as Anatomy Lab, Physic & Chemistry Lab, Computer Lab, Microbiology Lab, etc to hone their practical skills and knowledge.

Health Facilities

Being a medical university also allows us to take care of our student’s health and fitness. We take care of all the things required to maintain the health of the students. From proper cleanliness to serving good food to offering healthcare assistance when in need, we get it all done for the students.

Financial Assistance

Money should not be a limiting factor when it comes to pursuing your dream career. We assist our students in getting financial assistance wherever feasible.

Safety & Security

At the WIMU, safety comes first. We take the safety and security of all the University members very seriously and ensure 24/7 security arrangements in the entire University area. This allows us to give our students a safe environment like their homes.


University Transportation Service is provided for the safe, secure, and time-efficient commute of our students. Be it coming to university from the hostel and going back or a trip to somewhere else; University Bus is made available to allow the students to travel in comfort and safety.

Club Fitness

Club Fitness is a local gym complete with elliptical machines, treadmills, bikes, spin bikes, one squat rack, a full dumbbell set with adjustable benches, and more. Staying fit is very important as students won’t be able to perform their best and help others if they are not healthy and fit themselves.

Grocery Shopping

There is a grocery store within walking distance of the housing complex known as Fresh Market, where students can purchase everything from packaged and canned goods to fresh produce, poultry, and more. There are prepared meals and a salad bar, fresh juice available if the students want to buy those.


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