Premedical Program

Premedical Program

Premedical Program

Western Imperial Medical University provides a 90-credit PM program.

WIMU’s PM program not only fulfills all the minimum requirements for joining an MD program (courses like physics, mathematics, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, English, and general biology) but also provides our students with the sound foundational knowledge needed to excel in the MD courses.

Successful completion of this program allows the student to enter Basic Science component of the MD program.

Students who have graduated high school can join this program.

Premedical Program is a 45-week, 3-semester program that award 90 college-level (undergrad) credits.

Advanced placement is possible for students who have fulfilled a portion of the prerequisites either by attending college-level courses or completing Associates degree or Bachelor’s degree. Depending on the advanced placement the duration of the Premedical program can less than 3 semesters.

Prerequisites For the Pre-Medical Program

The requirement for enrollment into the premedical program at WIMU for some countries are given below. Students seeking admission from any other country will require to complete a similar level in their country.

  • Caribbean Students: Passes in minimum 5 subjects at GCE “O” Levels (Grades A to C) or at CXC (CSEC) General Proficiency Level (Grades I & II – pre-1998; Grades I to III from 1998).
  • Indian Students: Passes Grade XII or (X + 2).
  • Nigerian Students: Completes Senior Secondary Education and passes their Nation-wide examination (Senior Secondary Certificate Examination).
  • American and Canadian Students: Graduation from High school. AP credits can be used for advanced placement.

PM Curriculum
Here to Educate and Challenge

YEAR SEM Course Course Name Contact Hours Credits
YEAR 1 PRM1 PRM101 Biology 1 90 6
PRM102 Inorganic Chemistry 90 6
PRM103 Physics 1 90 6
PRM104 Mathematics 1 90 6
PRM105 English 1 90 6
Total 450 30
PRM2 PRM201 Biology 2 90 6
PRM202 Organic Chemistry 90 6
PRM203 Physics 2 90 6
PRM204 Mathematics 2 90 6
PRM205 English 2 90 6
Total 450 30
PRM3 PRM301 Introduction to Anatomy 90 6
PRM302 Biochemistry 90 6
PRM303 Introduction to Physiology 90 6
PRM304 Sociology 90 6
PRM305 Psychology 90 6
Total 450 30
Total For the Year 1350 90

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