Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor

Prof. S.N. Kulkarni

Vice Chancellor
Leading all the way!!

“Prof. S.N. Kulkarni has many firsts to his name in the field of academics. He is the Youngest VICE-CHANCELLOR of a University in India. He also happens to be the Youngest DIRECTOR of a Technical / Engineering Institute approved by the Government of India. He has been the Vice Chancellor of three Universities.

He has varied experience in research & academia for over a decade and a half. He has set examples in teaching as well as research practices in India & abroad. He has been the Director of many institutions imparting formal training in Engineering, Energy, Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Mass Communication, Biotechnology & Management faculties. He has been the Chairman /’ Member of various Accreditation / Affiliation expert teams.

Prof. S.N. Kulkarni was awarded Commemorative Medal of Honor, Hallmark 2000 by the American Biographical Institute, Inc. USA in 1999 for Exceptional Humanitarian & Professional accomplishments. He has also been appointed to the Research Board of Advisors of this prestigious organization since 2000. He has been the acting President of Energy Forum at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He has worked as an Invigilator & Examiner for the Cambridge International College, UK. An active member of the IEEE inc. USA & the IET UK, he has been championing the cause of Technology & education for more than a decade. He has also served as Vice President (India) by the prestigious International Accreditation Organization, Houston, Texas, USA. 

Prof. Kulkarni has been a sought after speaker in both the Corporate and Educational world. He is a known Life-Coach, Motivator & a Life Transformer. He has a galaxy of examples of 360 degree transformed corporates, individuals & lives.

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